Are you a 6+ figure info-product biz owner with a $2K-$20K offer looking to get more sales? You might wanna read on...

I'll Help Your Info-Product Business
 $10K-$40K/mo In Email Revenue

I'll write and send your emails + manage your ESP. You just deliver a great product.
Add at least $10,000 in email sales every month. Guaranteed.

*Please note* I only have room to serve 2 more partners right now.

Wondering How This Works?

You might be thinking... 

"This sounds a little too good to be true, m8."

Scroll a little further and I'll tell you a bit about WHY I'm doing this...
For now...

Here's how this works:

1. We Talk About What You Sell.

If I find room to increase the value of your offer, and get people to WANT to pay 2X more, I'll be sure to let you know

2. I Polish Up Your Email Engine.

I'll take care of everything from writing campaigns, setting up your autoresponders, and managing your list.

3. You Deliver On A Great Product.

Enjoy your new clients and knock their socks off with your awesome info-product.

4. You Get Results. Guaranteed.

I add at least $10K in email revenue for your biz in 30 days, or I work with you for free until I get you there.

Here's who I'm looking to partner with...

As much as I'd love to serve every offer owner, this amazing offer only works with the right business. Here's what I need from you:

  • > You've been operating longer than 12 months
  • > You have a list of 500+ customers (This is flexible depending on the niche) 
  • > You have at least 1 offer that's in the $2K-$50K range
  • > You have (at least some) awesome reviews from raving fans (Proves you do what you say)
  • > You value direct response and email marketing and are willing to invest in your biz

Meet The Founder

just me living my best life with my infamous pink sunnies (RIP lil glasses)

Nafis Davis

So what the heck?

How come I'm giving you such a great guarantee...

When most other agencies/freelancers just wanna take your money upfront with no security...

With no reassurance that they will get you results, or you don't end up paying a cent?

That's because I want to blow all these other marketers out of the water, and help YOU take your info-product business to the next level.


I'm extremely passionate about education.

Our Educational System Is A JOKE!

It doesn't fully prepare us to be successful in life or business.
And on top of that...

It has a terrible ROI.
Leaving people in massive debt before they even hit the pavement.

That's Where You Come In...

Personally, I have seen the effect info-products have had in my own life.

I can buy an e-book and have a distilled version of someone's lifetime of wisdom.
I can enroll in a course and have a step by step proven process to level up my life or business.
I can join a mastermind and accelerate my success by YEARS if not DECADES.

My self-education has been massively more profitable and enriching than my degree ever will be.
All because amazing offer owners like you decided to share the keys to the kingdom.

All because of...


Now I'm here to lend a hand and help build the digital education revolution

Because I know the impact this can have on the lives of so many.
Because I know this is the way forward.

And since this space is so important to me...
I feel obligated to do so with the utmost integrity.

And there's not better way to let you know I'm on your side than this:

A 100% risk-free guarantee that your investment in your vision is safe with me.

I want to help you add $10K-$40K/mo in email revenue in the next 30 days.

Are you in?

Remember -  I only have the bandwidth for 2 more partners at the moment.


"How Will You Make Me Money?"

Let's face it...

You're here because you want more sales for your business...

Ideally, you also know that email is a powerful engine to do that. So I'll cut to the chase...

The focus is this:

Send more emails.
Send better emails.
Setup more profitable autoresponders.
Better list management (So your emails don't end up in spam).

These 4 things are bound to bring you more sales.

All completely hands off for you.

"How Is This 100% Risk Free?"

I want you to get results.

I'm pointless if you don't get results.

Like I said, I'm extremely passionate about self-education...

And I want to be a part of the impact info-products have on the world...

So I'm choosing to ultimately take on the risk FOR YOU.

If I don't add at least $10K to your email revenue the next 30 days...

I'll work with you for free until I do!

If somehow, god-forbid, I STILL can't get you a great ROI after a while...

I'll fully refund your investment.
AND you get to keep any assets I create for your business.


You only pay if you're investment gets multiplied.

"Is There An Upfront Cost?"

Yes, for two main reasons:

First; I want to know you have skin in the game.

That you're down to invest into your vision, just like I'm willing to take on the majority of the risk to help grow your impact.

Second: I need to keep the lights on and be able to say NO to other opportunities.

That helps me help you.

Because I can focus more of my time and brain-power towards making YOUR email marketing better (and get you more sales in the process).

But rest assured.

I'm still taking the risk for you.

I'm still holding myself and my team accountable for the success of your email marketing campaign.

"How Much Is The Investment?"

This will vary on a case by case basis.

Things that will influence the cost are:

-Your email marketing needs
-The Complexity of the offer
-The value the campaign will bring to your biz

But remember...

My goal is to add at least $10K to your monthly email revenue.

And ideally we can go way past that, but that's the minimum I wanna help you reach.

So keep that in mind when we discuss the cost.

Also remember... 

This investment is 100% Risk-Free. If I don't reach that goal, I'll work with you for free until we get there.

"Will I Be Locked In A Long Contract?"

Nah, friend.

I want this to be a mutually beneficial partnership.

Work with me only as long as it makes sense to.

Stop as soon as it doesn't.

All I ask is that you give me a least a month, since it can take a little time to learn an offer and the market for that offer.

We can also run a short "test-campaign" before a bigger commitment.

"What's A Test Campaign?"


I write just a few emails for you to test.

It can be like a first date...

If those emails don't move the needle for you in any way, we don't have to see each other again...

Ya dig? ;)

But if I get you some wins/outperform what you're currently running, hopefully we will both want to discuss a longer partnership.

© Copy Davis